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Actively looking to feature or organise events to showcase can be tedious.
Our platform makes it easier and faster for bars, restaurants, music venues, and artists to create live entertainment and for the public to discover.
Spend more time entertaining, and less on logistics

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With On-demand outing made for "RIGHT NOW!". Evolve your outing interests through your genre taste, suggestions, and outing habits. Helping bring your favourites to the forefront of jaunting and live event creations. Follow venues and musicians to keep up with their activity, from background live music to full-scale concerts.

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Organise Events You Curate or Attend.

RevMuzik's helps you organise events you have curated or attending with RevCalendar to match your busy schedule. Showcase your style to the world for better collaborative options, fan engagement, and event showcase.

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Showcase Your True Self.

RevMuzik encourages you to be your true self—a Hyperlink to all your social media, website and event creation requirements. We help you pave your growth path, create great partnerships and most importantly, acquire life long customers and fans.

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The Right Audience for The Right Event.

RevMuzik's metric system will help recommend habitual or new but familiar events in any location. Metrics also helps curators understand public interest, popularity and more, which helps create a consistent on-demand outing for all.

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Collaborate Smartly, Earn More.

RevMuzik has created an atmosphere for new and experienced musicians to grow. Either you are looking to earn more experience or looking into live arts for your business growth and culture, we have got you covered. We help you ensure more earning options, understand customer interest through metrics.

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