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Curated Live Music
RevMuzik's live music creation process has incorporated user analytic habits to help improve  events proactively.
Active Promotion
RevMuzik GPS active promotion automatically activates after a gig is created. Updates on schedule with user's calendar, and analytics.
RevMuzik has made live music management easier than ever, with detailed profile and easy to use scheduling formulas.
RevMuzik's authentication aids venues during Covid-19. Most importantly helps "fans" better navigate the live event from the comfort of their home and making event purchases the easiest they have ever been.
User can properly monetize events; past and present with showcase tipping, ticketing, and more. Tipping and fundraising to help during difficult times for users.
User Analytic Growth
User analytics and ratings helps the best collaborators find each other for the best events possible. User activity can help bring live music to a new internet age.
The Vision of RevMuzik.

RevMuzik is a technology platform created to help musicians and venues collaborate through live events for easy public discovery and engagement. The service makes it incredibly easy for local venues and entertainment providers to find a diverse genre of musicians for performances in their establishment. Analytics to also help venues better understand consumer behaviour for better gig creation preparation and better analytic models to go by for easy curation. RevMuzik is more than just providing collaborative options. The service also allows our users to find and explore live music intuitively.

Revmuzik's analytics will give accurate information to our users about their demographic, and what they are ultimately looking for when they want to have a night out. Helping venues to curate better strategies for further success for their establishment, as well as utilizing RevMuzik's marketing capabilities to increase foot traffic for the venues.  Analytics helps users find and explore the musical diversity in their community or at travels. Why RevMuzik? RevMuzik's platform is about bringing both the music and urban nightlife industries together with transparency on all fronts. Whether you're a music lover, an artist, entertainment business or event planner; this will be the platform for everyone to connect, create and enjoy such creations. RevMuzik is about empowering an open and collaborative community base through entertainment to make the process easier and more accessible than ever before. With RevMuzik, you get live performances, informative data, and a marketing platform all in one, but most of all, you get growth! With more innovative features and experience coming to be the first to enjoy each feature as we grow with you! 

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