A prize-winning pianist.

Nina Soyfer is a prize-winning, classically trained pianist, who has performed internationally in various styles and composed piano.
Nina received an Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Piano Performance (ARCT) with First Class Honours, and a Master of Arts in Music from York University. Also LRCM in piano, PhD in music, and certifications from TCM. She has received various awards in piano performance, academics, and visual arts (including Thomas W. Doherty Prize in Piano 2008, Dean's Prizes for Excellence 2007, Prize-Winner of "Israel in Dance and Colour" 2003, SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada, and Ontario Graduate Scholarships). Other prizes in composition and performance include international recognition.Being a published singer/songwriter with Really Records Nina's iTunes profile and music can be found here:

https://open.spotify.com/artist/4raNkOSar9q0OZXo5qSgVe?si=eBxazNKEQxaJGALhSBpydAA prestigious magazine "Whole Note" in Toronto reviwed Nina's performance with Alex Baran:"In this debut release (recorded at Glenn Gould Studio), Radiant Classics (Really Records RR 2017002, really-records.com), Nina Soyfer demonstrates her innate ability to meet the stylistic demands of a remarkably varied program. This admirable skill rests on the foundation of an impressive keyboard technique and artistic insight."
(https://www.thewholenote.com/index.php/booksrecords2/classicalabeyond/27726-keyed-in-march-2018).Nina is an author of two commercially available books on Amazon. Professional actress featured in theatre and TV. Poet and dancer.
Learn more and connect at Instagram @ninasoyfer Music releases were participating in international charts. Some of them include
All-Inclusive Love,
Perspective Changer,
Radiant Classics ,
Singles: White Cycle, Alive, Incomputable, Water, TransparentNina continues to perform recitals and record music on daily basis.

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